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garden maintenance service

Our garden care services are just what you need to keep your green retreat in an ever presentable state. Each session is hourly-based, so the experienced specialists will complete as many of your requests as possible for the time booked. For instance:

  • Hedge and small trees trimming: Prune your hedges evenly to promote their growth and keep them ever appealing;
  • Lawn care: Maintain your lawn in tip-top shape with professional lawn mowing, aeration, edging, and more;
  • Weeding: Uproot all competing weeds to give your plants a chance to thrive undisturbed;
  • Leaf clearance: Clearance of all accumulated dead leaves in an eco-friendly manner.
  • Thorough garden clean up: Battling all kinds of bramble and overgrown greenery. This service is recommended for totally neglected gardens and usually takes half or a whole day, or more.

6 Compelling Reasons to Hire This Professional Company

Efficient Maintenance for your Garden

Let’s face it – garden maintenance usually takes up much of the already limited free time you have. By hiring skilled specialists to help you out, you can have your green retreat neatly pruned every month, two weeks, or even every week. You will also benefit from:

  • A service that has all required tools and equipment fully covered;
  • Complimentary maintenance advice based on your garden’s layout;
  • Insured gardeners with years of experience;
  • We can do the job in your absence – just leave detailed instructions and provide property access;
  • Merge your session with tree surgery or other services to get a discount.

The Process Behind Our Garden Maintenance Service

You will be visited by a team of two qualified specialists on a day and hour of your preference. After a thorough inspection of your green space, the experts will sit down with you to discuss your priorities and receive your personal instructions. They will then start their job, based on your requirements. And that’s it – the gardeners will grab all needed tools and equipment from their van and follow your instructions word by word to achieve satisfying results.

Call Alpha Garden Team Today to Maintain an Enchanting Garden All Year Round

With the professionals on board, keeping a presentable yard is as easy as reading the morning newspaper. You can get anything from hedge trimming to expert jet washing with one quick call on 01172 420001. As an alternative, you can also book a session for any workday, weekend, or bank holiday by filling in our request a quote form. Our advisers will then be more than happy to supply you with free quotes or with 24/7 information for any of our services as soon as you request them.

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