Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is а fixed-price an option?

A. Gardening is an hourly based service. That allows us to charge you for the exact time we’ve spent working on your property.

Q. Can I know how long will it take if you haven’t seen my place yet?

A. Every one of our office operatives is experienced and can always provide you with an over-the-phone estimate. However, after the gardeners arrive they will perform a viewing on-site and then let you know if the booked time is adequate.

Q. What happens if the team finishes earlier than expected, do I need to pay for the remaining time of the estimation?

A. If that happens, we will reduce the cost accordingly. You will only pay for the time they spent working there. Bear in mind that we have a minimum of 1 hour or 61 GBP, to be exact.

Q. Do I really need two gardeners at once?

A. This is the company’s policy in regard to optimal productivity, so you could, as a client, save money. Two specialists will always finish faster and therefore save you resources, time included.

Q. What would the pricing be for additional green waste removal?

A. As follows – 3 GBP per bag (90 litres) and 45 GBP for a ton bag. The latter is recommended if your garden happens to be large because it will inevitably save you waste removal money.

Q. What if I don’t want the waste removed?

A. The team would be happy to simply arrange the green cuttings for you at a chosen place in the garden. Another option would be to put it in bags and leave it there for your council to dispose of – in this case, we only charge if more than 10 bags are used. 5 GBP for every 10 bags.

Q. Do you work on Bank holidays and weekends?

A. Yes, no additional costs.

Q. Do you need me to provide something for the gardeners in terms of materials and tools?

A. No, any equipment needed is brought by the gardeners on site. The only thing we require of you is to point us to available parking and give us access to the property in question.

Q. Is flower planting part of your services?

A. Of course, but to fully satisfy your preferences we would like you to provide us with the plants needed or give us a 2-day notice with details on numbers, colours, species, so we could acquire them beforehand. You can always consult with a professional landscaper on-site if you like.

Q. Are you only limited to green garden work – could you paint doors or install fences?

A. If you supply us with the materials needed we can make exceptions, but for bigger jobs like repairs, we suggest you try a handyman or a specialised landscaper.

Q. Do you do soil rotavating?

A. Only on small areas or flowerbeds. If you want your whole garden rotavated we suggest you turn to a landscaping team, they will have the effective equipment such as rotavators. The gardeners’ main specialisation is planted care.

Q. What if you need more than the estimated time to get the job done?

A. Staying a little over is a possibility as long as our schedule allows it, yes. In the cases, we’re unavailable a follow-up visit may be arranged.

Q. Are regular visits an option here?

A. Our calendar is very flexible and allows us to schedule appointments for every week/month.