Wash Away All Dirt & Moss with Patio and Driveway Cleaning in Bristol

Excellent Patio and Driveway Cleaning around Bristol
Besides making your property much less appealing, the prolonged presence of grime and moss (as with your gutters if not regularly cleaned) may also lead to cracks in your paving’s surface or cause other property damage. With a powerful jet washing equipment in hand, the team of professional gardeners will set forth to battle weeds, algae, dirt, and chemical residues to renew the appearance of your yard. Our pressure washing is suitable for a wide variety of surfaces, including:

  • Paved areas and driveways;
  • Deckings and paths;
  • Garden furniture and awnings;
  • Walls up to 2 metres in height;
  • Hard floors and fence panels;
  • Natural stone and limestone patios.

What are the Benefits of the Professional Jet Washing Service?

Professional Patio and Driveway Cleaning in Bristol

Jet washers, leaf blowers, trimmers, rakes, weeding tools – the two specialists will bring all required tools to get down to work as soon as they arrive at your address. Other reasons to book the driveway clearance service now:

  • An eco-friendly cleaning method that requires a minimum amount of water and no detergents;
  • A non-hourly service where prices are based on the size of the area cleaned;
  • The team carries nozzles that will fit any internal or external tap in the UK.
  • Fully insured and experienced team pressure washing technicians;
  • FREE of charge price estimations;
  • Combining this service with a garden clearance, or any other service we offer, will get you a significant discount;

The Magic Behind Our Outdoor Cleaning

The powerful pressure washer is the driving force behind our services. When the professionals assemble the equipment on-site, they will use a suitable nozzle attachment to connect it to any external or internal water source in your property. The water will then be released under high pressure to blast away any mud, grime, moss, or algae from your exterior property surfaces, restoring their original look.

Maintain a Spotless Yard with Patio Cleaning

When dirt and weeds start creeping in, our professional jet cleaning can help you turn the losing battle into a decisive victory. Just fill in our request a quote form. Alternatively, you can schedule your session with one call on 01172 420001. All booking options are available 24/7 and the technicians can arrive for any day of the week, even on official holidays, so there’s always time to get the job done!

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