Expert Gardening Services in Bristol for Any Type Yard

You have the vision – we have the means to recreate it right outside your property. Provided by experienced and certified experts, our garden maintenance and design services can aid both domestic and commercial customers with a variety of tasks around the yard. Depending on your individual needs, your session may include anything from lawn mowing and fence repairs to completely changing your landscape. So, just take your pick from the list below and let us worry about the rest.

Choose One or Mix & Match Any of Our Services Below

Garden Maintenance

If you’re having trouble with sprawling trees, overgrown hedges, and lush ivy that has latched onto your property like there’s no tomorrow, then look no further. The diligent professionals have the necessary equipment to take care of all these nuisances for you and a lot more so that you can enjoy the more important things in life. They will also give you free advice on how to easily maintain your garden in a presentable state.

Tree Surgery & Repair

Has a tree in your yard been damaged by a relentless storm or has grown so tall that it has become an environmental hazard? The trained team will climb any tree up to 20 metres in height to shape its crown, prune its dead branches, reduce its height, or remove the entire plant in line with all safety regulations. In case you’ve booked a felling service, the specialists can also use a stump grinder to provide you with free wood chips for your garden.

Lawn Mowing & Care

A regularly mowed grass is what separates a good from a great lawn. The expert team will use a wide variety of gear, including rakes, grass trimmers, aerators, and mobile petrol mowers to ensure the healthy and steady development of your grass.

Clean Up

If wild weeds and waist-tall grass are slowly taking over your yard, this is the service for you. The specialists will remove all the bramble and leave you with a neat and tidy garden. This service is specially recommended for extremely neglected gardens. It very often takes a whole day to finish, but don’t worry as you don’t need to be there while we work.

Jet washing

The professionals will use an innovative pressure washing machine to remove mud splashes, dust, leaves, moss, and chemical residues from your driveway, patio, decking, fences, outdoor furniture, and even walls that are up to two metres tall. This equipment will use little to no water and the technicians will carry all required nozzle standards to seamlessly connect it to any external or internal water source.

Gutter Cleaning

Ensure that rainwater goes where it’s supposed to go with a thorough gutter cleaning. The technicians will use a telescopic wet vacuum machine to inspect and unclog your gutters and downpipes from all accumulated leaves, branches, moss, and insects within. You will also benefit from small gutter repairs on site, as well as from before and after images of your drainage system so that you can see the results for yourself.


Let your imagination run wild with a service that can help you re-shape your peaceful retreat from the ground up. The landscapers can introduce new plants into your green space, level the ground to later lay down natural turf or artificial grass, cover your weaving paths with decorative stones, restore the natural colours of your decking, install a new shed, and much, much more!

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